A Session to Fight the Recession

This years event was suggested as a fund raiser for Munich Colmcilles Hurling and Football Club. Colmcilles, however, said that while funding for the club was necessary, in these dire times, perhaps some needy causes should also be considered.

Last year's event, Munich Bloomsday, raised almost 3000 for a local cause (the Children in the Refugee Centres in Munich). We were delight to see some of the children supported take part in the St. Patrick's Day Parade.

In order to make a worthwhile contribution to St. Vincent de Paul (one of Ireland's best known charities, and the first port of call in hard times for many), the organising commitee with the very generous support of its backers, have decided to go the extra mile and get the best acts possible. Although we recognise that times are tough for you also, we hope that you will open your hearts and empty your wallets to the fundraising activities on the evening.

St. Vincent de Paul

M&uumlaut;nchen Colmcilles